The Journey

The Journey

Ritz London Cigars effortlessly embody the values The Ritz London is renowned for. The lines offer medium and medium to full bodied legacy cigars; well balanced and steeped in the character, tradition and intensity shared by The Ritz and the third-generation Cuban artisans who work diligently to make the finishing product.

All our cigars are hand rolled in the Dominican Republic, using only the finest tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil and Mexico. Tobacco scoured from the Dominican Republic is grown by one of the finest in the country, Jose Matias Maragoto a third-generation Cuban tobacco grower who’s passion and dedication to the crop is evident in the smoke.

By sourcing tobacco from different origins, it allows our Master Blender, Maurice Koks to create complex blends for a most elegant smoke. Maurice has over 25 years’ experience in producing cigars and takes inspiration from his passion for music as he compares making a cigar to creating music. He continuously encourages people to smoke with friends whilst listening to some music, after a fantastic meal with good company and to just enjoy life.

Each cigar consists of a wrapper, binder and filler; wrappers and binders must be moist during the production process so that the vein can be removed from the leaf. The tobacco is then handed to the rollers to craft the cigars. The fillers on the other hand must remain dry so that the correct amount of tobacco is rolled in each cigar. The production team ensures that unused tobacco is sent off to other ateliers and used rather than disposed of; it is important to us that as much of the leaf is used and the only part of the leaf that is disposed of is the vein that is removed from the wrapper and binder.

Master Blender, Maurice Koks encourages you to enjoy a Ritz London Cigar after a fantastic meal with exceptional company, listening to music and enjoy life.